TORO : the system for creative decorating

You’re looking for a cabinet that meets your requirements in form, dimensions and design? If it’s top quality and timeless elegance you value, then TORO is just what you need. Available in six different colours, the panels and shelves are 3.4 cm thick and are produced using the latest honeycomb technology, guaranteeing optimal stability and load-bearing capacity.

With additional elements such as hinged and sliding doors and drawers in various sizes, you can create storage space and individualized cabinets for whatever your lifestyle demands –from a simple shelf to the perfect library.

You have exact specifications? No problem for TORO –with Vario shelves and Vario-Panels, any size is possible down to the millimetre. With additional features such as different lighting systems with various lighting effects, you can highlight whatever fits your fancy

Designed by Ferhat Dogru