fif-concepts for partners

Producing furniture is not the only challenge today. The quality of a
distributor is set by the complete portfolio. For this reason, for us the main
things are attractive prices, constant innovations and good product quality,
outranging perfectly packaging, friendly processing and personal contact.
Therefore we want to be a partner, not only a supplier.


Differentiation features are required. By the many manufacturers in the close
product segment only innovations can build confidence for the future. With
replica´s and price fighting only short time solutions can be made. The team
of fif develops not only at the customary in trade fairs, instead of the whole
year. Hereby we place new products with all the customer needs. We help that
your showroom gets new impulses.

Product quality and packaging

Our products should not only give the impression to be good, they should
satisfy as an article of furniture. We take our response for the used material
und the technical fittings. For example are the vertical profiles on our
cabinets only made of medium density fiberboard and offer therefore cleanest
worked surfaces.

But the piece of furniture has not arrived yet, when we worked clean and
loaded the truck. Not until the product is another time stocked, preparated
and transported our furniture reaches the user. For this way, a product has to
be perfectly secured to reach the costumer completely undamaged. In 20 years
of experience with highest packaging standards of international shippers we
developed the packaging to state-of-the-art level. The consequences are our
minimal reclamation- and damaging rates.

Friendly processing and personal contact

At fif, your problems don´t get into long term processes but the direct way to
the right contact person. On this way we secure a personal, flexible and first
of all competent designation for our customers.

Designed by Ferhat Dogru